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Unrefined Gold

Gold in it’s raw/original state is naturally unrefined and can take different forms and types of gold deposits.

Natural Gold Nuggets

Our natural Gold Nuggets are “Hand Selected Jewelry and Investment Grade”. And as such is the highest quality available anywhere. Unlike common grade gold nuggets which often sell near the spot price of gold. “Hand Selected Jewelry and Investment Grade” gold nuggets always command a significant premium over spot gold prices. Most of our buyers [...]

Gold Bars

Cheap gold bars sold at below the gold spot price Did it ever occur to you that you could buy gold bars at far below the current gold spot price? Such opportunities are rare! But, when you come to Africa, you could have access to that fine gold immediately. The African gold market is a [...]


We are the best gold traders and agents in East Africa. We are ranking among the top gold sellers or dealers in Africa because of our gold sales. And we have thousands of satisfied clients who have been working with us. We have got gold bars, gold dust, gold nuggets and gold coins, all delivered [...]